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Conversion of a cob barn near Tiverton This page provides links to some of our suppliers, some Cumbrian products and services, some (mainly Devon based) traditional/green builders and timber framers, together with links to organisations and books we have found useful.

For information and free advice on traditional building, as well as following the links below, we would recommend consultation of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. SPAB offer building conservation courses, advice for homeowners and specialist conservation information for proffessionals. In conjunction with Roger Hunt and Marianne Suhr, they also have a very good published book: “The Old House Handbook: A Practical Guide to Care and Repair.”

Mike Wye provides useful fact sheets and a free downloadable practical guide to lime and other traditional materials.

Cumbrian woodland products

lime supplier in Cumbria Eden Lime Mortar, Kirkby Stephen.

snowy old man

Second Nature Thermafleece Second Nature UK uses nature's finest insulator, wool, to produce the Thermafleece range of high performance insulation using the fleeces of British hill sheep. Lovely!

WRS Architectural antiques at Yew Tree Barn, Low Newton. Yew Tree Barn combines Wilson Reclamation Services Ltd, art, artists, antiques, The Hat Trick cafe, crafts and interiors in a traditional 19th century Lake District barn.

Danny Frost Supplier of kiln dried and fresh sawn English hardwoods and contemporary furniture made only from local trees felled for good reason. This small Cumbrian business has a strong environmental commitment.

Joe Fletcher Contemporary bespoke furniture. Simple designs creating fine, long-lasting pieces of furniture from the highest quality materials.

Oak swills traditional to the south Lakes and other local woodland products made by Owen Jones. Courses also available.

Lakeland Coppice Products Sustainable oak beams, cleft oak shakes, hurdles, firewood and charcoal from South Cumbria.

Cumbria Woodlands Advice, links and training.

Cumbria Vernacular Buildings Group CVBG research, record and organise visits to old houses in Cumbria.

materials supply

Eden Lime Mortar Kirkby Stephen (Cumbria). Lime mortars and associated supplies.

Mike Wye (Devon). Traditional and green building materials, cob, lime, eco-paints. Courses.

Masons Mortar (Edinburgh). Lime mortars and traditional building supplies.

Ty Mawr Lime (Brecon). Traditional and green building materials, cob, lime, eco-paints. Courses.

Wormersleys (Wakefield).Traditional and green building materials.

Back to Earth Natural Building Solutions (Devon). Traditional and modern ecological building materials, cob, lime, hemcrete.

Tobydog finds a safe haven

The Cob Block Company Suppliers of cob blocks.

Cob in Cornwall Environmentally conscious building with cob.

Cornish Lime Lime and traditional materials.

Osmo Wood oils and waxes.

Earthborn clay paints and natural emulsions.

Biofa Natural Paints.

Auro Natural paints and wood finishes.

Nutshell Natural paints and finishes.

Link to Woodenways.com


Back to Earth Natural Building Solutions Traditional building and materials supply.

Cob in Cornwall Environmentally conscious building with cob.

Jackie Abey and Jill Smallcombe Earth Art and Architecture. Cob building, sculpture, workshops.

Woodenways Timber frames and log cabins: building and courses.

Devon Oak Oak frames, sawmills and cider.

Devon Woodcraft Log buildings, traditional timber framing and wooden boats.

Windy Smithy Jon Snow the Devonshire blacksmith: woodburners, hand tools and ironwork.

Dave Budd Fine handmade knives and tools. Courses in primitive technology/ancient skills

Green and Traditional Buildings organisations

The Building Limes Forum "The Building Limes Forum exists to encourage expertise and understanding in the appropriate use of building limes and education in the standards of production, preparation, application and after-care. It is a charitable organisation with no commercial ties and has about 400 members in the UK and overseas, the majority being actively concerned with the repair of historic buildings."

Demolition of an unsafe roof structure at Kestle Barton, Cornwall

Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings SPAB offers building conservation courses, advice for homeowners and specialist conservation information for proffessionals.

AECB The Sustainable Building OrganisationAECB The Sustainable Building Association whose objective and aim is to facilitate environmentally responsible practices within building.

The Scottish Lime Centre is a charitable organisation set up to promote the appropriate repair of old buildings and the use of lime in conservation. See their website for details of courses and workshops at thier centre in Charlestown.

Devon Earth Building Association "The Devon Earth Building Association was formed in 1991 to sustain the ancient and traditional practice of building in earth or ‘cob’ in the South-West of England. The Association supports the conservation of existing cob buildings by developing and promoting appropriate techniques for their repair and maintenance, and encourages the use of cob for new building."

Devon Rural Skills Trust "Established in 1980 with a view to preserving traditional rural skills while the men and women who had practiced them were still alive and able to pass them on."

The Green Building Press "Information and publications to help you create healthy and ecological homes and buildings". "The Green Building Press is the sustainable construction information specialist. We are here to help you create green, healthy and sustainable buildings. Our promise is to provide you, through our websites and publications, regular and unbiased information on green building and green building only."

English Heritage Listed Buildings and Buildings at Risk Register.

Centre for Alternative Technology Information and discussion of environmental issues and sustainable living, and short courses on sustainable building.


A brief selection of some useful and interesting books. All of these are available through the CAT mailorder website, or through following the links below.

“The Old House Handbook: A Practical Guide to Care and Repair” (by Roger Hunt and Marianne Suhr in conjunction with the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)).

Building with Cob Adam Weismann and Katy Brice, 2006. Totnes, Green Books.

Using Natural Finishes: Lime and Earth Based Plasters, Renders and Paints. Adam Weismann & Katy Bryce, 2008.

Lime in Building. Jane Schofield, 1992.

Cob buildings. Jane Scofield and Jill Smallcombe, 2004.

Building with Lime. Holmes and Wingate, 1992.

The Natural Plaster Book. Cedar Rose Guelberth and Dan Chiras, 2003. New Society Books.

A Handbook for Eco Paints and Finishes. Lynn Edwards, 2008.

The Green Building Bible

Timber Framing for the rest of us. Rob Roy, 2004. New Society Books

Oak Framed Buildings. Rupert Newman, 2005. Lewes, The Guild of Master Craftsman Publications.

Link to Evansjumps.co.uk link to Phillipjacobs.co.uk

our mates and relatives

Pyramid Audio Sounds for your festival: sound system hire and audio equipment suppliers.

Phillip Jacobs (artist) Bold and bright oil paintings and prints of land and seascapes based on Swansea and the Gower. Click on 'The Poet's House' (to the left) for more examples of his work and more information.

Evansjumps David Evans and Richard Taylor: courses for horses and chainsaw sculpture.

Greenlane Archaeology (Ulverston, South Cumbria). For all your south Cumbrian archaeology needs!

lime plastering cob lime repointing lime and lathwork repairs home carpentry breathable paints Cumbria

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